Hello Blogosphere,

I am new to this world, a mere plebian, and, yet, I do assure you that I have no delusions of grandeur. I am no conossieur of wine,  of art, or of music. I don’t claim to be of much significance in either this new world or the one in which I’ve existed since I was a mere fetus.  Nor do I claim to be a renowned critic and profess that any opinion that I express herein is only my own. The only thing of import that I  have is my philosophy toward life and life itself along with the spirit of a college-bound student, who is whole-heartedly prepared to take on its challenges and its rewards.

I am not old – I have lived a measly 17 years – , but I have learned many things about life and what has stuck out to me most is its transience – its fleeting nature. The entirety of our life is nothing more than a repetitive schedule of “school, home, school” or “job, home, job.” Then, when we die, which occurs more quickly than I would guess even the oldest person ever to have lived would expect, we are finished, gone. Nothing remains of us sans a few trinkets we might have owned, perhaps a family, but it’s all irrelevant. People will move on and we will cease to matter and, thus, to exist. More on that at a later date.

In this blog, I will purge my thoughts on philosophy – life, death, immortality, values, –  television, film, literature, revelations (not the religious text, of course), and anything that I believe will be remotely fascinating or worthy of the attention of others.